Oh, right - I have a blog?
Sunday, May 31, 2009
Whoops. Sorry about the absence, folks - I'm sure all 15 of you were super worried about me. I think 11 days is the longest I've ever gone without updating this site. Additionally, allow me to add that I have absolutely NO EXCUSE for the break.

Life is a shifty bastard, and I've been attempting to untangle myself for several days now. Drama aside, here's what ELSE I've been up to:

1. Attending a lovely wedding in Minnesota - great food, even better cake, and a pre-airport round of golf left me with sleeves o'sunburn. Ah well. Such is life as someone who hates creamy sunscreens (we didn't bring any spray) Did you know that downtown Stillwater, MN, is gorgeous? NEITHER DID I. Really lovely.

2. Considering a list of people for whom I would lift my strict and unwavering "No Dating Redheaded Men" policy. So far? Just Prince Harry, who has turned into quite the looker in the past 3-4 years. Who knew?

3. Flying first class, thanks to Sean who is officially the SHIT and is a downright considerate fellow. Love him.

4. Dealing with some mystery pain in the left hip - I think it's muscular, but my last 4-miler would indicate otherwise. Ouch.

5. Cutting off chunks of my left, index fingernail in an effort to shave quickly. Darn you, brand new Schick Quattro razor! Butterfly bandages are ugly and do not go with my party dresses!

6. Waiting impatiently to pick the pooch up at the kennel. I miss that little bugger.

Other than that, my life is boring. What have YOU been up to?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"She outgrows her prophecies faster than she can make them," Mark Twain wrote of Chicago. "She is always a novelty; for she is never the Chicago you saw when you passed through the last time."

But Now We're Too Old and Busy to Play Hooky
Tuesday, May 19, 2009
On this day in history, a mere THREE YEARS ago, I was skipping work to attend a Cubs game with my closest friends. It was a memorable day, and I wish we could do it again sometime soon before we all get bogged down in other obligations.

HINT HINT, BEEYOTCHES. JW is going to be in town in early June - perhaps a 5-some outing to Wrigley field is in order? CALL ME. LOL!OMFG!TTYL! I promise not to dance on the platforms at Hi-Tops ever again. FORREALZ!

Ahem. Anyway, I'm just thinking about the past today, and wishing my hair would grow out already, geez.

On My Mind
Monday, May 18, 2009
I have been thinking a lot lately about Drew Peterson. The sad, tragic saga of what has happened to his wives is interesting to me in a train-wrecky sort of way. An arrogant buffoon of the highest order, he seems determined to prove his innocence, but is totally incapable of articulate communication. What kind of man jumps around in his shackles and orange prison suit, singing to the media, while being transferred in and out of a courthouse?

Photo credit: CrimeRant

The whole thing is just strange. Additionally, it must be miserable for the families of Stacy Peterson and Kathleen Savio to see how little this man cares for them, or their personal tragedies.

Then again, just because a guy is a jerk doesn't necessarily mean he's guilty.

So I'm wondering - do you think he's guilty?

Not Sure What to Make(over) Of This
Thursday, May 14, 2009
I should have gone to bed about an hour ago, but I made the mistake of starting to fiddle around with Instyle Magazine's Hollywood Makeover thingy. Here's what I managed to save, for your entertainment OF COURSE, before the thingy crashed on me. (you can see my bridal party updo in the back of each photo - my hair was super high, so just ignore that.)

First, I uploaded a picture of myself with my face straight to the camera. It was hard to find - this particular one is from a wedding last Spring. My first hair personality? America Ferrara.

My second personality? Reese Witherspoon, and I might add that I look a bit like my sister in this one, which is slightly creepy.

And finally, getting back to my section of the hair color wheel, we have this lovely, LARGE 'do courtesy of Miss Miley Cyrus.

NOW my transition to teenager is 100% complete. I'm off to go hang a Jonas Brothers poster above my bed.

Transition to Teen Status: 82% COMPLETE
Wednesday, May 13, 2009
First I read Twilight, now I'm considering a Sidekick cell phone. (I have to move back to T-Mobile, thanks to a less-than-appealing upgrade offer from Sprint)

Is it totally lame that I might get a Sidekick? I'm not really interested in the iPhone (primarily because I don't like AT&T's plans) and am not sure whether the Samsung line is exactly my cup of tea.

Anyone out there with Sidekick advice? Bueller?

Life Lessons
Sunday, May 10, 2009
I love this tumblr page. Very cool.

He Represented The Lollipop Guild
Saturday, May 09, 2009
Rest in peace, Mickey Carroll.

Optimism V. Apathy
Thursday, May 07, 2009
I've been down lately, just sort of phoning it in, you know? I guess I'm waiting for the next thing to reveal itself in my life. So until then, I thought I'd make my own list...as a reminder of how truly fortunate I am. Optimism FTW!

things that bring joy to my life

happy occasions celebrated with friends
finishing a great book
Brianna Grace
when I get the chance to help someone
Morton’s Cajun Ribeye
screened porches
handwritten thank you notes
a cold beer
Grant William
when the dog stretches out along my torso on the couch
singing along out loud without embarassment
potbellied toddlers in leotards and tights
fountain diet coke
Bonnie Raitt
peep-toe D’Orsay high heels
tree swings
Pet Odor Eliminator Febreze
when someone tells me they appreciate me
pepper jack cheese
having a plan
getting a really amazing haircut
uncontrollable laughter
the song “Video Killed the Radio Star” by Buggles
travel to unusual and amazing places
bluegrass string music
a real hug
the way a sprung wooden floor groans and creaks during a dance class
being needed
Honey Nut Cheerios
slipping into cool, clean sheets
mixed greens with red onions, cherry tomatoes, and orange bell peppers
the way snow-covered holiday lights glow
coffee for dessert
jeans with a white shirt and sneakers
enormous umbrellas
Eric Clapton
live sporting events

Inspired by Kris' recent blog post.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009
He was too perfect, I realized with a piercing stab of despair. There was no way this godlike creature could be meant for me.

Honestly? I promised my book club homegirls that I would read this, and I did - tonight, in one sitting of roughly 2.5 hours. It was entertaining, and interesting (and certainly as a fan of the Outlander Series, I'm clearly in no position to sit in judgment of anyone's literary preferences), but mostly it was just above average. Meh.

In Which I Read and Furiously Nod My Head
Monday, May 04, 2009
When I didn't get something I wanted growing up (a part in a play, an A on a paper, the latest copy of Tiger Beat at the checkout...), the sympathy I got from my parents was a pat on the back, and the reminder that "no one said life was fair."

As one of the last generation of children born to baby boomer parents, my total agreement with Kelley's view only serve as a metaphorical fist in the air, while yelling "get off my lawn, you good for nothing kids!" GOD, I'm getting old.

(click image to enlarge and read, scanned from 4/27 Newsweek)

No offense to my millenial readers, of course. I'm just keeping it real here.

Friday, May 01, 2009
This article has me wondering if there will be jobs created. Like a dedicated janitor to mop up the vomit from all the people brave enough to step out there. Talk about disorientation! I wouldn't do it.

In other news, the FDA has *finally* pulled Hydroxycut from the market. I know quite a few people personally who have used (and loved) Hydroxycut - even before it was produced without Ephedra. That shit works, I won't lie. I have never been more grateful that I, personally, never gave into the temptation. I would much rather ruin my liver with alcohol.

And finally, it's May Day! In other words, today is the only day of the year in which I might actually consider publicly dancing around/near/with a pole. I'd hate to disrespect my neopagan ancestry.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!